SUAVE  2.5.2
An Aerospace Vehicle Environment for Designing Future Aircraft
SUAVE.Plugins.pint.unit.Definition Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SUAVE.Plugins.pint.unit.Definition:
SUAVE.Plugins.pint.unit.DimensionDefinition SUAVE.Plugins.pint.unit.PrefixDefinition SUAVE.Plugins.pint.unit.UnitDefinition

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, name, symbol, aliases, converter)
def from_string (cls, definition)
def name (self)
def symbol (self)
def aliases (self)
def converter (self)
def __str__ (self)

Detailed Description

Base class for definitions.

:param name: name.
:param symbol: a short name or symbol for the definition
:param aliases: iterable of other names.
:param converter: an instance of Converter.

Member Function Documentation

◆ from_string()

def SUAVE.Plugins.pint.unit.Definition.from_string (   cls,
Parse a definition

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