SUAVE  2.5.2
An Aerospace Vehicle Environment for Designing Future Aircraft
SUAVE.Plugins.pint.testsuite.test_numpy.TestNumpyMethods Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SUAVE.Plugins.pint.testsuite.test_numpy.TestNumpyMethods:

Public Member Functions

def q (self)
def test_tolist (self)
def test_sum (self)
def test_fill (self)
def test_reshape (self)
def test_transpose (self)
def test_flatten (self)
def test_ravel (self)
def test_squeeze (self)
def test_take (self)
def test_put (self)
def test_repeat (self)
def test_sort (self)
def test_argsort (self)
def test_diagonal (self)
def test_compress (self)
def test_searchsorted (self)
def test_nonzero (self)
def test_max (self)
def test_argmax (self)
def test_min (self)
def test_argmin (self)
def test_ptp (self)
def test_clip (self)
def test_round (self)
def test_trace (self)
def test_cumsum (self)
def test_mean (self)
def test_var (self)
def test_std (self)
def test_prod (self)
def test_cumprod (self)
def test_conj (self)
def test_getitem (self)
def test_setitem (self)
def test_iterator (self)
def test_reversible_op (self)
def test_pickle (self)
def test_equal (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SUAVE.Plugins.pint.testsuite.TestCase
def setUpClass (cls)
def assertSequenceEqual (self, seq1, seq2, msg=None, seq_type=None)
def assertAlmostEqual (self, first, second, places=None, msg=None, delta=None)
def assertAlmostEqualRelError (self, first, second, rel, msg=None)

Static Public Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from SUAVE.Plugins.pint.testsuite.TestCase

Member Function Documentation

◆ test_reversible_op()

def SUAVE.Plugins.pint.testsuite.test_numpy.TestNumpyMethods.test_reversible_op (   self)

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