SUAVE  2.5.2
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SUAVE.Plugins.pint.testsuite.test_numpy.TestBitTwiddlingUfuncs Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SUAVE.Plugins.pint.testsuite.test_numpy.TestBitTwiddlingUfuncs:
SUAVE.Plugins.pint.testsuite.test_umath.TestUFuncs SUAVE.Plugins.pint.testsuite.TestCase

Public Member Functions

def qless (self)
def qs (self)
def q1 (self)
def q2 (self)
def qm (self)
def test_bitwise_and (self)
def test_bitwise_or (self)
def test_bitwise_xor (self)
def test_invert (self)
def test_left_shift (self)
def test_right_shift (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SUAVE.Plugins.pint.testsuite.test_umath.TestUFuncs
def qi (self)
def assertEqual (self, first, second, msg=None)
def assertRaisesMsg (self, msg, ExcType, func, *args, **kwargs)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SUAVE.Plugins.pint.testsuite.TestCase
def setUpClass (cls)
def assertSequenceEqual (self, seq1, seq2, msg=None, seq_type=None)
def assertAlmostEqual (self, first, second, places=None, msg=None, delta=None)
def assertAlmostEqualRelError (self, first, second, rel, msg=None)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Universal functions (ufuncs) >  Bittwiddling functions

bitwise_and(x1, x2[, out])         Compute the bitwise AND of two arrays elementwise.
bitwise_or(x1, x2[, out])  Compute the bitwise OR of two arrays elementwise.
bitwise_xor(x1, x2[, out])         Compute the bitwise XOR of two arrays elementwise.
invert(x[, out])   Compute bitwise inversion, or bitwise NOT, elementwise.
left_shift(x1, x2[, out])  Shift the bits of an integer to the left.
right_shift(x1, x2[, out])         Shift the bits of an integer to the right.

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