SUAVE  2.5.2
An Aerospace Vehicle Environment for Designing Future Aircraft
SUAVE.Plugins.pint.context.ContextChain Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SUAVE.Plugins.pint.context.ContextChain:

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, *args, **kwargs)
def insert_contexts (self, *contexts)
def remove_contexts (self, n)
def defaults (self)
def graph (self)
def transform (self, src, dst, registry, value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SUAVE.Plugins.pint.compat.ChainMap
def __init__ (self, *maps)
def __missing__ (self, key)
def __getitem__ (self, key)
def get (self, key, default=None)
def __len__ (self)
def __iter__ (self)
def __contains__ (self, key)
def __bool__ (self)
def __repr__ (self)
def fromkeys (cls, iterable, *args)
def copy (self)
def new_child (self, m=None)
def parents (self)
def __setitem__ (self, key, value)
def __delitem__ (self, key)
def popitem (self)
def pop (self, key, *args)
def clear (self)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from SUAVE.Plugins.pint.compat.ChainMap

Detailed Description

A specialized ChainMap for contexts that simplifies finding rules
to transform from one dimension to another.

Member Function Documentation

◆ graph()

def SUAVE.Plugins.pint.context.ContextChain.graph (   self)
The graph relating

◆ insert_contexts()

def SUAVE.Plugins.pint.context.ContextChain.insert_contexts (   self,
Insert one or more contexts in reversed order the chained map.
(A rule in last context will take precedence)

To facilitate the identification of the context with the matching rule,
the *relation_to_context* dictionary of the context is used.

◆ remove_contexts()

def SUAVE.Plugins.pint.context.ContextChain.remove_contexts (   self,
Remove the last n inserted contexts from the chain.

◆ transform()

def SUAVE.Plugins.pint.context.ContextChain.transform (   self,
Transform the value, finding the rule in the chained context.
(A rule in last context will take precedence)

:raises: KeyError if the rule is not found.

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