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SUAVE.Analyses.Mission.Segments.Ground.Ground.Ground Class Reference
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SUAVE.Analyses.Mission.Segments.Aerodynamic.Aerodynamic SUAVE.Analyses.Mission.Segments.Simple.Simple SUAVE.Analyses.Mission.Segments.Segment.Segment SUAVE.Analyses.Analysis.Analysis SUAVE.Analyses.Mission.Segments.Ground.Landing.Landing SUAVE.Analyses.Mission.Segments.Ground.Takeoff.Takeoff

Public Member Functions

def __defaults__ (self)
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def initialize (self)
def converge (self, state)
def iterate (self)
def finalize (self)
def evaluate (self, state=None)
def merged (self)
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def compile (self, *args, **kwarg)
def initialize (self, *args, **kwarg)
def evaluate (self, *args, **kwarg)
def finalize (self, *args, **kwarg)
def __call__ (self, *args, **kwarg)

Public Attributes

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Detailed Description

Base segment for takeoff and landing segments. Integrates equations of motion
    including rolling friction.
    Notes Regarding Friction Coefficients
    Dry asphalt or concrete: .04 brakes off, .4 brakes on
    Wet asphalt or concrete: .05 brakes off, .225 brakes on
    Icy asphalt or concrete: .02 brakes off, .08 brakes on
    Hard turf:               .05 brakes off, .4 brakes on
    Firm dirt:               .04 brakes off, .3 brakes on
    Soft turf:               .07 brakes off, .2 brakes on
    Wet grass:               .08 brakes off, .2 brakes on
    Source: General Aviation Aircraft Design: Applied Methods and Procedures,
    by Snorri Gudmundsson, copyright 2014, published by Elsevier, Waltham,
    MA, USA [p.938]

Member Function Documentation

◆ __defaults__()

def SUAVE.Analyses.Mission.Segments.Ground.Ground.Ground.__defaults__ (   self)
This sets the default solver flow. Anything in here can be modified after initializing a segment.
    Properties Used:

Reimplemented from SUAVE.Analyses.Mission.Segments.Aerodynamic.Aerodynamic.

Reimplemented in SUAVE.Analyses.Mission.Segments.Ground.Landing.Landing, and SUAVE.Analyses.Mission.Segments.Ground.Takeoff.Takeoff.

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