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The Stanford University Aerospace Vehicle Environment (SUave) is an open-source Python module for the conceptual design, optimization, and performance simulation of general aerospace vehicles. SUave is published as an Application Programming Interface (API) with functionality that is intended to be scripted in Python or driven by an external program or optimizer.

SUave is constructed around a high-level, object-oriented framework which allows Vehicles, Propulsors, and Missions to be assembled from lower-level Components or Segments with a flexible, easy-to-use Python syntax. Constructing a Vehicle and Mission for analysis can be done with minimal knowledge of Python and no knowledge of the underlying solution algorithms.

SUave was created to simulate any type pf aerospace vehicle, regardless of configuration or application. Hence, its core functionality specifically does not rely upon any correlations or historical data (though sizing and estimation tools are available).

Because SUave is written with optimization in mind, robustness is a key development driver. Infeasible Vehicle / Mission combination will still yield a physically consistent solution with the infeasibly being reported as a constraint violation. To get started, please agree to the software license, download & install it.

To get started, read through the User's Guide and play with the Tutorials provided! Any bug reports or suggestions for additional features can be made through our support portal here


Please note that SUave was only recently made available publicly; our development team will be adding material here as quickly as possible but it is very much a work in progress!

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